you know the part in anne of green gables when she's at the train station where matthew picks her up in the beginning? she tells him that she'd made up her mind that if no one had come for her she was going to "climb up in that wild cherry tree and spend the night."

nothing has ever described me so well. i've had my fair share of "waiting" moments in life and i think for most of them i was dreaming about climbing trees. i am an adventurous soul by nature with a constant longing to feel small. this explains my love for any and every part of the west, mountains or ocean views. i have a deep love for travel and at the same time an ever growing love for home.

i am a full time wedding photographer and i joke around all the time and say i'm only in it for the cake, but in reality i love this job with every ounce of my heart and am incredibly amazed how the Lord has let me do it full time for six years now. i have been a part of the most amazing weddings and i have cried at almost every one of them. that moment when the bride comes down the aisle, i just don't think i'll ever get sick of it! 

my love for the outdoors and my love for my job meet each other smack in the middle and i am 100 percent for all things natural light. doing any and all things wedding outside, in flowers, in the woods, i mean anywhere. there is absolutely nothing better than sunset except maybe a couple in love laughing their heads off. that is my favorite thing to capture on a wedding day. natural is always better. candids forever amen. 

i am passionate about all things creative and have a degree in studio art. making the jump from studio work to wedding photography wasn't hard as each special day feels like a beautifully crafted piece of work that comes together in the end. my photos are personal and romantic, full of laughter and you'll know when its good because i will start dancing around and squealing. (did i already say i love my job?) i love to treat every wedding day like it belongs to someone in my own family. (i am also one heck of a dancer.) my favorite weddings have been those that embrace their personal stories and take traditions and make them into their own. if you think our styles sound similar, i would love to chat with you about telling your story.

i love to blog. i love sharing stories and making people laugh. i also love to photograph food and i do this quite a lot. i caught the travel bug when i was fifteen and haven't been able to shake it. it brings me so much joy sharing my adventures with you and maybe making you want to adventure a little more. if you want to get a little taste of who i am, please feel free to join my readers! i love meeting people and would love to meet you!

lastly, i love Jesus because he first loved me; his love and faithfulness humble me daily. i met him at five years old and not a day in my life has he left me alone. hallelujah, what a savior. 



he that keepeth thee will not slumber. ps 122:3b