Common Grounds | Ryan & Dillon

i know i said i was going to stop doing these, but recently i remembered that i had done one more and never posted it. since i am missing these two goofballs this week i thought i would go ahead and share this one last common grounds project. its pretty special.

i became friends with Ryan and Dillon my second year at liberty. they are always so full of life and crazy and it has been so exciting to watch each of them grow through college. i have had so many laughs and hilarious moments with both of these boys and i wouldn't trade even the rough times because i can look back and see the Lord working. these are two of my very best friends and i want you to see them a little deeper. here is my last common grounds project with Dillon Harmon and Ryan Knuppel. 

Me: alright are you guys ready?

Dillon: yea.

Ryan: we were born ready…are we your first duo?

Me: yea because i’m literally having to lump people together now.

Dillon: why?

Me: because everyone is leaving!

Dillon: Do you have like prepared questions?  

Me: i do! You ready? Okay…would you rather, wear high heals for a day or full makeup?

Dillon: we know ryan would wear the high heals!

Ryan: heck yea! Oh i would wear the high heals! (talking to Dillon) you had no hesitation!

Dillon: well i know!! I’d probably do the make up.

Me: (to Ryan) are you good at walking in high heals? 

Ryan: no but i just think girls in high heals are attractive.

Me: but you in high heals…?

Dillon: …no hesitation.

(both boys stop to make grass noises for a few seconds.)

Me: alright, real question. You know the girls saying, tall dark and handsome? Do guys have a saying like that?

Ryan: no.

Dillon: no, not typically. It’s just that guys have a type.

Me: i think that’s true about girls too but we just have that saying.

Ryan: yea, we just have a type.

Me (to Ryan) i know your type…

Ryan: what’s my type abbey?

Me: you type is like, girly and little and wears nice makeup and always does her hair nice…and heals. (laughing)

Ryan: and i like brunettes…

Dillon: All right next question…

Me: how have you changed since the beginning of college?

Dillon: wow…uh…i mean i feel like i’ve changed so much. Like in my idea of people and who i am…i don’t know. I’m not good at this. (laughing)

Ryan: like, if i look back at who i was freshmen year to who i am now, i know i’m defiantly more mature…um, but i’ve also seen myself grow in ways that i wouldn’t have thought. Like i’m a lot more sensitive then i was in high school. Like everyone that knew me knew i was just like, kind of selfish and i’d make fun of people but now i guess i’m just more compassionate and actually care. Which is definitely because of the Lord. But yea, i think in those ways im different…and i have cooler friends now. (laughing and squeezing our shoulders) and i dress better than i did…

Dillon: i dress worse than i did my freshmen year…

Me: (laughing hysterically.) i don’t think you do!!

Dillon: no I DO.

Me: oh that was good. Okay, Ryan, what’s the best thing about Dillon?

Ryan: there’s a couple things. Okay, Dillon has charisma, he is very likeable, and so people are drawn to him…and so he is able to get along with just about anyone, you just kind of naturally want to be Dillon’s best friend. Uh…he keeps me grounded, he isn’t afraid to call me out, he is bold. And that’s what i appreciate in our friendship is that he is bold and not afraid to tell me when i’m doing something stupid. And then he is also very…complicated. He likes to think things through. Like deep things. That’s one of the things i like about him…because i don’t think things through haha. So that’s one of the things that’s best about him. And he is just goofy! So…that was awkward…

Dillon: its not awkward! its only awkward if i look into your eyes while you’re talking…

Me: that was really good. Same question, Dillon what is the best thing about Ryan?

Dillon: (to ryan) i’ll look into your eyes while i say this…

Ryan: NO! look at abbey!!

Dillon: All right, Ryan is…on a serious note? One hundred percent the most loyal person i’ve every met in my life.

Me: (loud sniff,) that’s so true!!

Dillon: are you crying abbey? Stop it! Seriously in any situation in any point of life at any time, i could call you, ask you to take me somewhere, ask you to talk and i know at three in the morning or at one in the afternoon i know he would leave whatever he’s doing and come and do it. And its never failed. Ryan has always been there for me.

Me: (more loud sniffing. )That was really good.

Ryan: of course i have to have your back! I love ya Dillon!

Me: you guys are gonna kill me! (loud sniffing) umm alright, what is a skill you wish you had?

Dillon: can we be unrealistic here? Sometimes i wish that, in my brain…i just knew everything…you’re laughing but like really, in a situation where you have to know okay, what this is or what that is or how things will work out, i wish i just knew everything.

Me: alright Ryan, tell me about your first crush.

Ryan: okay there was this girl, she was in my third grade class, he name was Ashley, i can’t spell her last name, i’ve tried to look her up on facebook…so anyways, i just remember i had this huge crush on Ashley and she didn’t give me the time of day because i was the weird kid that would run around and play Pokémon on the playground with the pokeballs attached to my hip and i would run around with my friends and pretend we had super powers too like i could control water…well i went up to her and i picked these flowers out of the field…(Dillon talking, “so sensitive!”) and i still remember this i was like, “Ashley, i really like you, can i call you?” and i gave her the flowers. She took them and didn’t give me her number. She told me she was dating this guy named Andrew. I went over the Andrew and i was like, “are you dating Ashley” and he was like, “no.” so she lied to me!! so i decided i didn’t want to date her any more.

Me: wow. Okay number one pet peeve?

Dillon: i have tons of pet peeves…i have like four right now. I hate it when people kick the back of my seat in a movie theater. I hate it when i’m putting my clothes in the dryer and people don’t take out the lint on the thing…i absolutely hate it when you can’t get the right changing of cold to hot in the shower and you go to far and get burnt. You know what i’m sayin? And i hate it when people are rude! Like when someone doesn’t go out of their way to to be nice, like if i am walking down the street and they won’t move over you know? I hate it.

Me: and you live in the north…

Dillon: its just so annoying. Okay i’m frustrated now…

Ryan: i have a couple. I absolutely hate when people don’t know how to merge right. Like people don’t know how to drive. You don’t stop. You merge into traffic! Another is when people talk during movies. Oh my gosh just don’t talk. Just let us enjoy the movie. I can’t stand when you hanging out with a person and they are on their phone the entire time. Like don’t be on your phone if we are trying to hang out. Oh and this is what i hate, when people rant on facebook. Or instagram or twitter. Social media is not a place to rant. I can’t stand that stuff. Oh and i also can’t stand when people stink. Like if i have to sit next to you in class and you stink…you need to take a shower.

Me: wow. I think i agree…except for maybe the bumping into people…because i do that all the time on accident…alright, who is your favorite Bible character and it can’t be Jesus!

Dillon: can i use Paul? I feel like Paul really understood his sin. Like so much of the time i’m like, i don’t know. I feel like sometimes i understand more of the love and the grace i have in my life but to understand like, the filthy rag that i am and wear i would be without Christ…i just feel like anytime i read anything by Paul he’s like, i mean he called himself the chief if sinners. Its like he gets sin, he understands in his mind and his heart that he is nothing. That he deserves hell, the worst of worst. But through the grace and the Love of Jesus he gets to be worthy.

Me: that’s really good. A really good perspective on Paul.

Ryan: i think for me. one of the Characters i really like is Thomas. Uh, because i see myself in Thomas shoes. Because i know that if i saw Jesus die i would have so many doubts that he came back. Yea he just had so many doubts and he needed to see Jesus first hand. And i guess that’s how i can be in life sometimes i get a lot of doubts. I just have a hard time when i can’t see things. And he’s not a main character you know…

Me: my pastor just preached a message on Thomas last week and it was all about how, it says in there that the first time Jesus came Thomas wasn’t with them and why its so important to be with the believers and have a community and stuff like that. It was really good. All right do you have any life advise for me?

Dillon: i have some life advise…alright…two famous quotes that i’ve remembered since the day i heard them, and i try to run them through my head every day…i believe it was Abraham Lincoln’s wife…what was her name patty? Or Betsy? You can google that…but Betsy sounds right…(laughing) but its “if you look for the bad in someone, you will surely find it.”

Me: oooooh. That’s good.

Dillon: also, i don’t who said this quote, but in twenty two years of being on this earth, as i look into the sky…(everyone laughing) no, no, but really. Life goes on! Regardless of my circumstances, the sun rises the next day. There is nothing i can do to change anything. It just goes on. Life’s a garden…dig it.

Ryan: i can’t lie i have actually thought about this before. My life advise for you abbey is this: if you are not courageous, if you are not bold enough to take risks in life, i think you will miss out on the greatest adventure. If you aren’t brave, you are going to miss out on what God has for you. so abbey, take risks.

Me: like move to Nashville?

Ryan: yea. You’re gonna rock.

Me: any final words?

Ryan: yea i got a final word! Abbey, Dillon, i just want you guys to know that i love you, so much!

Me: staaahp!

Ryan: i really do! I have known you guys for four years now and i am so thankful for both of you!

Dillon: yea, you guys are like my best friends. Like who would do anything for me. and me for you.

Ryan: we are going to take a selfie right here…

(voices muffle out from group hug that’s happening)

thanks boys. i love ya. and i laughed so hard re-reading this interview. like, with tears.

Posted on October 11, 2014 .