Travel | Annapolis

i have one of the dearest friends from college who lives near Annapolis Maryland. Kimber and i went through those years of life where growing up happened whether we liked it or not. college was the best times and i am so glad we were put on the same hall. however, the further out of college we get, the more i get to see what real friendship looks like. keeping up with each other is a choice and sometimes a lot of work. she lives a couple states away from me and we both are heading in different directions career wise. 

but man, stick us together for a couple days and we get crazy. and by crazy i mean stay in our pajamas, drink too much coffee and geek out over our favorite tv shows. okay okay, we also do fun things like eat cool food, appreciate good door decoration, tour historic sites and pet large dogs.

its a good friendship. a fun friendship, and lets me honest, a very real friendship. we had the best time giggling around the capital of maryland. we climbed trees and found great little shops. we appreciated sail boats together and talked about what we want to do in life. here are some shots from Annapolis.

you better believe we thrifted.

dearest kim, thank you so much for all the fun you let me have when we are together. i never have to worry about impressing you, i am always myself and i know you are yours. you are the most fun and crazy grandma i know. your city is lovely, but i sure hope one day i visit your city and find it to be new york.


love you.

Posted on October 14, 2014 .