Little Chief

i know y'all are dying to know more about them, well sorry because i don't know anything. but picture this, laughter, jigging, foot stomping, glasses sliding off, crazy shirts and a prayer before show.

what else do you need to know? i love photographing musicians who are doing what the love and they love it so much that the smack the nerves down and sing/play from their heart. for me, photography is all about catching the emotion and so when i get a shot that you can feel the emotion from, its like the biggest heart hug. these guys were fun to watch because it was just a bunch of great friends having a fantastic time playing together. 

i like em, you should too.

that picture. i am telling you what. its topping my favorites right now. great job guys, you are pretty neat.

oh brother no preacher can save us,
we need the good Lord to come and change us,
heaven knows when that’ll be.
— little chief

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Posted on October 15, 2014 .