monday musings.


autumn seems to be touch and go here in the south. we have had a few days where i am twirling around in the breeze and singing dancing my happiness, and we have days like today that are hot and muggy.

i will tell you though, this was a pretty bang up week for me. i think that means successful...but if it doesn't, then my week was successful.

the weather was kind to us (and my curly hair) and i got to accomplish and do some pretty neat stuff. one of which was go to my first Cause a Scene show here in nashville and meet the red-headed wonder that is Larry! (i haven't asked if i can call him that so...) he is super nice and exactly the height i thought he would be. i know its a little weird that i am writing about him in a blog because i don't actually know him yet, but when you are fresh in a move you start counting the people you meet like check marks. 

speaking of meeting people i met a really nice girl in the park named Tara! wait, i was talking about cause a scene...hold those thoughts.

anyway, i'm not super hip so i had never heard of anyone playing at the show but i really wanted to do something fun and have an excuse to take pictures. so we went and you know what? i am pretty sure i have a new favorite band! Little Chief (who is currently playing through my ear phones as i type this!) is SO fun to watch live! i laughed so much and never stopped stomping my foot. it was so fun, i'll tell you more about it later this week!

back to Tara. saturday i was out in nashville (getting paid what whaat.) and i remember that there was a free Dave Barnes concert in the park. i had no one to go with but i went anyway because i would do just about anything to see a Dave Barnes show. he is hilarious and sings so nice. hashtag swoon. just kidding, i'm not creepy. anyway so i was standing there in the rain and i looked over at the girl next to me and i am tell you, she looked like a blogger. camera in hand, cute glasses and outfit, everything that is required you know? well i asked her if she was and she said no with a laugh. i told her she really looked like one and we got to chat for a bit. so now we are friends on facebook and when i have weddings she might be my second!

also dave barnes tweeted at me and stopped to pose for a picture on stage. i'm not creepy i promise. but boy what a good day.

so now that i've got all my fan girl out, i am going to tell you that we all need to be on a mission to make Little Chief famous because i really want them to be. check them out pretty please (they are on spotify!) and if you know anyone who could book them do it, and then go see them, because you will have the most fun i know it.

happy monday kids! thanks for reading.

ps i am heading to virginia soon, get ready to book y'all.

Posted on October 13, 2014 .