Storytellers Series | Audrey

-"Jacob and i were on this anniversary road trip a couple years ago, and we went to a bunch of cool places but on the way back we just stopped at a campsite we had been to before in new mexico. And when we got there it was like ten maybe? And so pretty much everyone was already asleep in their tents so we didn’t see anyone. But we get there and we set up our tent and we had been driving all day and it was the end of our trip so we were really tired. We laid our heads down and we were about to fall asleep and we hear…the red hot chili peppers blasting through the desert.

And we were confused because there was no one around us and it was coming from the empty desert. So it went through the entire red hot chili peppers collection. Like, every song i could ever think of…i don’t even like to listen to them anymore because i was so mad.

Well then we started to hear like, drunken yelling…i’m starting to think this isn’t an appropriate story for your blog…(laughing) i just remembered how it goes…so we start to hear this drunk redneck guy who sounds like he is from around here, not arizona! And he is yelling at his wife about how he would never cheat on here and how he loves her so much and how could she do this to him? So it was like middle of the night, desert, scary rednecks yelling at each other, and it started to sound a little violent, really inappropriate, and we’re like, what are we supposed to do because there are no rangers around because it’s the off season. No one else was getting out of their tent or anything and there really weren’t people around us, there were like, some in the site next to us and then there was the bathrooms and just a bunch of empty space. So then we hear him start really yelling, like its getting abusive and so we here him yelling, yelling, yelling and then we hear a loud thud.

And then we don’t hear anything.

So i was like, we are calling the cops right now! And so Jacob calls the police and they take their sweet time showing up and in the meantime we get back in our mini van with the gun we brought. So we wait and we wait and we hear footsteps in the brush right by our campsite and i guess the lady is like, wandering around by herself. So we’re like, well, at least she’s not dead! And the cops finally show up and the people come out of the desert in their jeep or whatever it was and then the cop car like, pulls them over. And where he pulled them over, we can see them. But we’re in our van with the light on and everyone else is asleep so its really obvious that we’re the ones that called the cops on them! (laughing) so we are just sitting there listening to them and their all like, oh no officer, we were just out in the desert having a good ol’ time, we didn’t want to disturb anyone! And like totally changed their attitude. She’s like oh no, we’re fine! We didn’t fight bla bla bla…and so the cop did all he could do and he leaves. Gone. And they are over there, crazy. And we are over here with our light on, the ones who called the cops. Oh and in the mean time Jacob is trying to put the gun back together and it jammed. So i was freaking out! I thought we were going to die in the desert at the hands of angry rednecks. Anyway, we packed up our stuff really really fast before they could get over there and we just left and slept in a hotel, and at that point it was like three in the morning. It was really scary."

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Posted on October 18, 2014 .