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i woke up this morning because the sun was shining through the windows of my parents house. i slept with the windows open last night and loved the feeling of being cold. there are so many things about fall i love, and this morning as i lay in bed i was thinking about the fact that fall over in Virginia smells and awful lot like summer (on a nice day!) in seattle. now i am sitting on the bed, wrapped in one of my dad's sweatshirts, holding a large cup of coffee. ready to hear about my grandest adventure yet?

i have wanted to visit seattle for most of my life. i like rain, i like coffee, it sounds like a dream to me. so this last spring when i decided to visit my friend Marly in Idaho, we decided i should fly in to seattle and see that first.

that place. i love it. it was probably the most perfect day ever created and my tears where always right below the surface. my happy tears mind you, you know, almost a seven. everything about the city was amazing to me. even the gross parts. i can't say enough about marly's family either. the generosity shown to me (a stranger!) was something i rarely experience. so a big huge shout out to all the aunties!

the first place we headed was pikes place. you know, throwing fish and such. they do indeed throw fish but the wonder of the market i think is the flowers. countless rows of huge blossoms all for such a small price. i promise you if i lived anywhere near there i would go broke on flowers. we bought a few little nicknacks and prints of paintings, i felt like i was being a complete tourist with my camera but the colors everywhere were just amazing. that and tourist points remember? at one point we were shuffling alone and mandy and i reached out for a sample of peaches. the man was just standing there cutting it up and offering it as people passed by. mandy and i tasted it the same time and stared at each other before immediately turning around to find out exactly what it was. i am fairly certain that was the best piece of fruit that has ever graced my taste buds. organic for the win! (there is a fantastic picture of the mans armpit down there, we were pretty cramped but you can see the peach okay!) we took pictures with the pig and ended our little market jaunt with a jig in the street!

i will happily go back any time now.

Posted on October 21, 2014 .