Food Post | Aqua

remember when i told you marly's family was incredibly generous? hold on to that when you see this food. the awesome aunts showed us all around seattle, helped us be the best tourists and then took us (kids) out for a really nice dinner by the water. i actually drooled a little when i was looking at these pictures. my gosh that food was amazing.

and there was so much of it. i don't remember what anything was called, and i really should have been ridiculous and insisted on taking pictures of everyone's food...

i can't say the best part was desert because it was all so good. but i can say it was the prettiest part of dinner. here is a little glimpse of our evening.

also, someone hire me to shoot their cook book i am so good at taking pictures of food! just kidding, but a huge thank you to all the aunts for feeding us such amazing food and sharing such great conversations! i have rarely felt so listened to and had so many laughs. you all were amazing people.

hey lets travel the world together okay?

Posted on October 24, 2014 .