a horse winked at me

can i tell you what a wonderful week i have had? this week has been proof that your attitude is the deciding factor on good days and bad days. i replaced four tires this week, my bank account is crying. the transmission is going out on my truck. my grandpa was in the hospital and i've been having a run of consistently bad hair days. and all that would normally make for a bad week i guess. but you know what?

God gave me work here and there to cover the amount of my tires. my transmission started going while i was up visiting my parents and the told me to drive one of their cars while dad figures it out. (side note: i have the very best dad in the world. he rescues his daughters in car trouble. and he always has.) they couldn't find anything wrong with my grandpa after an MRI and sent him home hungry and grumpy. and my hair you ask? it might have something to do with the fact i keep forgetting to wash it. and hey, there are always ponytails.

and i suppose this could all have something to do with the fact i've been reading Job these past few weeks and really, i can always say "at least i don't have to scrape my boils with a broken pot." i mean we can all say that on our worst days.

and other good things! i got to visit my parents for a few days. spend some time with good friends, booked photography jobs here and there, got to spontaneously shoot a no pressure wedding and got a ton of great portfolio work! (thanks for being beautiful Jonny and Vaughn) i also got to wash dishes with one of the nicest moms i've ever met. hooray for meeting new friends! to top everything off i was going through my film this morning and there is a picture of a horse winking at me!

does it get any better?

i submit no. and in fact i think i might have peaked this weekend so its all down hill after that. i'm just kidding of course...maybe.

i hope you all are blessed this monday. and you can look at the good things this week and see clearly how the Lord always provides and takes care of us.

and that horses are cool.

Posted on October 27, 2014 .