Travel | Seattle | Puget Sound

while we were spending our day touring seattle the aunts suggested we ride the ferry across the sound so we could see the city from the water. i have to say, out of all the things we got to do that day, this was my favorite part. if you haven't noticed, i have a bit of a thing for boats. seeing the city, listening to the waves, watching the sail boats bob up and down. it really could get much better for me.

there was a moment where i was standing at the rail, waiting to catch the view of mt rainier. my hair was blowing wildly in the wind and my hands gripped the railing. i'll never forget when it came into view. i've been dreaming about seeing that mountain for years and to see it like that, on the most clear perfect day, was simply amazing.

the color on the west coast is just different. the blue is harsher, the greens more crisp. and took so many pictures while we were on the ferry. i said to marly that i just could stop. everything was beautiful. here are (i narrowed down a lot.) some of my favorites from the day.

i showed you this picture last week but i wanted to see if you saw the mountain in the background?

Posted on October 28, 2014 .