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what can i even say about texas? this was hands down one of the best trips i've ever been on. the people, the food. all the things i love. texas has this way of keeping a part of you. maybe it melts off and stays there, but either way, it keeps a small piece of you. i had such a great time with my friend Mel and i can't tell you what a great lady she is. the hospitality she and (her husband) zac showed me was such a gift and being welcomed by her entire family was something i will remember forever. (i just sent a letter to Nana!)

we walked around Austin, saw the capital, ate amazing tacos i will show you later, and even biked some. Austin has so many cool little shops to visit and Mel is one of the best tour guides i've met. i had such a ball! Austin Texas is one of the to three places i've wanted to visit in america and it did not disappoint! check it out!

as you can see, mel got quite the sunburn. which is terrible because this was a few days before her little sisters wedding! oops.

i could talk about melissa for a good long while. she is one of the nicest people you will meet and she keeps me laughing hard. i was riding the bus back to our dorm one day near the beginning of school and the girl next to me (mel) was talking to the guy next to her (my now friend Ryan) about how much she missed home and how she had no friends at liberty. she was so sad and kept saying she just wanted to transfer back to texas. i remember going back to my room and telling my roommate that i was going to be friends with that girl because i knew we had a class together. the next class period i went up and sat with her and we have been friends ever since. mel is quite the gem and i think i can speak for zac as well when i say that i'm pretty glad she stayed in Virginia for a while.

i love you mel! thanks so much for the awesome time in texas! i am coming back i promise! tell my favorite little brother and sister i said hello! xoxo

Posted on October 7, 2014 .