The Narrows of Harpeth

Tennessee is hot. its october and there are still 80 degree days. what? someone needs to explain to the south how we do the autumn. i can't complain too much though because saturday was the most glorious of days. it was in the sixties and i was just about skipping everywhere. i had a wedding to work later in the day and so i left an hour early to go do a little exploring and seeing the colors. thats the thing, even though its hot here, the colors of fall are in full swing. its really quite beautiful and i have enjoyed it...

in the car...with the ac on full blast...


so here are a few snaps of my little fall day. (err hour..) you really should get out more. its pretty neat. nature i mean, nature is pretty neat.

ps shout out to that weather that lets me wear my hair normal! hooray for curly-crazy coming back. come on cold weather, i love you, my hair loves you. lets be good friends.

Posted on October 8, 2014 .