Storytellers Series | Cesia

How do I start to even begin to explain my friendship with Abbey Sargent. She was one of the first people I met at Liberty and let me tell you I thought she was a crazy person. She came running to me thinking I was someone else and then stop halfway because she realized I wasn't the person she thought I was. Then while I am setting up my room in the dorms she comes running in welcoming me and that is when I officially thought this girl has lost her marbles somewhere. After some days of getting used to being a new kid at a new school and new state I slowly started to appreciate Abbey. Then she became one of those persons that will always be important to me. We are going on to four years of being best friends but recently I was having a hard time with just the concept of "friends" and how people define it in so many ways. I came to the conclusion that a friend is someone who is there even if they are not there physically they will always be by your side. And with all my rambling I realized that Abbey isn't just my friend she is my sister. I know that we fight and argue and hardly see eye to eye but I realized that throughout my time at school she has always been there. And I have so much gratitude and love for this girl that even if I am upset at her we can always move on. She is a blessing in my life and I am beyond grateful for her life and her craziness. She is sister by choice. And now when I look back to the first time I met her I see that God placed her in my life the first day I came to school because He knew this journey would be hard and I would need someone there to be my friend and through the years she went from friend to my long life sister. I love you Abigail Joy Sargent. 

Posted on November 1, 2014 .