a deep breathe

its all to familiar. i think thats why it hurts so much. we can't believe that it happened, but the most shocking part is that it happened again.

we lost another brother this week in a horrible train accident. my community in lynchburg is reeling. i keep thinking of him sitting in my living room laughing. he had a good laugh.

i tossed and turned last night trying to come up with words to write this morning. i thought about not writing them, but i need to tell you this very important thing. we didn't learn the first time, and i think its incredibility disrespectful to both families if we don't learn now. i am taking a deep breathe and i am asking you to take one with me.

we have been trying to justify this accident with words like, "it was God's time for you..." and "God just wanted you with him..." we always do this, trying to help ease a pain by saying that God has this special plan for a life now gone. i think this is one of the most dangerous things we can do because it takes our poor decision making and puts it on our God. 

please know that i mourn with you, i do not wish to sound harsh or unloving, but thats exactly what we do to God when we say this was his timing. yes i believe God is sovereign, i believe that he knew this would happen but to say thats what he wanted? i do not serve a God like that. my God is good and he asks us to have wisdom and discernment, to obey the authorities put over us. he asks that we live a life to his glory, and that we live it fully. 

Jon lived such a full life, but i believe it was too short. i want so bad for us to learn from this accident, to not break the law for a thrill or a picture. let us be wise and remember that we do all for his glory.

let us not justify something because we are hurting or don't understand it. Jon will be so missed, let his life be a reminder to us.

We were created to enjoy, serve, love, and please our Creator! Why? Because there is ultimate and significant purpose in this! We are given value and purpose from the greatest being in the universe - God. Through His Son - Jesus Christ.
— Jon Gregorie
Posted on November 10, 2014 .