Travel | Idaho | Boise

fun fact: did you know that idaho is where napoleon dynamite was filmed?

when you grow up on the east coast and you finally visit the north west in your mid twenties, it feels like you've traveled out of the country. its so vastly different from the south east (and north) and i felt like i was on one of my greatest adventures. the landscape in Idaho changes continually from desert to mountains. Boise is this neat little spot surrounded by but filled with trees.

we drove around, visited the train station, went to the top of table rock and even thrifted a bit. one of the best parts of this whole experience we discovered near the end of our trip, we hadn't worn makeup in days. there is such freedom in a crunchy friendship. hooray for no makeup, hooray for curly hair, hooray for chacos and tanks. is it summer yet?

i think table rock was the coolest part. there is a giant cross up there and its cool to see something so strongly about Jesus sitting high over top a city. it was so quiet up there too, the air was so hot and the warm wind flung my bun to the side. i couldn't get over the bushes. this was all what i imagined the bible looking like. (just being honest here...) 

everything out west is so big. forget texas, everything's bigger in idaho. i need to go back already.

Posted on November 11, 2014 .