an ode to esther | for the love of pets

you guys know my friend kim? she's pretty great and she has had quit a few curve balls hurled in her direction in the years i've known her. but you know what? every time she seems to get a little bit stronger when shes knocked flat. she teaches me how to get up and keep going. she is tough and for that very reason today is a sadder day than most days. today she is saying goodbye to her little bit of constant. today i am going to tell you all about a pretty cat.

i am a dog person through and through. i love (all) my dogs and there is nothing like curling up with your puppy at the end of a day. pete always listens to me, he is always excited to see me, he is always sad when i leave him. pets are great like that. unconditional love no matter what you do. i used to think cats weren't like that. but then i met esther and it changed my mind. that cat loved kim. she was the sweetest, softest, (albeit a bit of a scaredy) cat i've ever known.

i love pete so much, and its for that reason i tear up when i think about the fact that today, kim is saying goodbye to her baby. esther is so old and sick and it has gotten to the point she needs to be put down. i hate watching animals suffer and i know its better this way but i wish so bad i could hug my friend because i know this is so hard for her.

with all that said, i actually photographed esther this summer but never posted the pictures. now i'm so glad i saved them.

farewell little cat, everyone go give kim some love on insta! (here) love you lady!

Posted on November 12, 2014 .