ootd | ugly duck boots

i had these boots when i was little, if you are any kind of a hipster, you had them too. i wore mine through puddles of slushy snow and my feet always stayed dry. if you live anywhere around nashville you know that yesterday was cold and rainy. thats how it is here. thats winter. todays high was in the thirties and i will go ahead and tell you, i will be wearing these on my feet a lot.

i know their ugly. (my friend Dillon let me know...) but their like ugly hip right? like a cat sweater or trucker hat. they are practical. they are neat and so far i've done some of my best photography work this fall in them.

so they will stay.

jacket: target

tshirt: jcrew clearance

jeans: thrifted

boots: thrifted

Posted on November 13, 2014 .