Food Post | Bucket list: Idaho potatoes

remember that bucket list i have? one day i will write the whole thing down so you can do the same, but today i'm just going to talk about potatoes. fries, to be specific.

potatoes are one of those things that i like every way its prepared. baked, fried, cubed, sliced, mashed, smashed. i'll take it all. when we were on the way to idaho i told marly that i needed to eat a potato while we were there, even if it meant going to the store, buying one and baking it myself. so it worked out perfectly that while we were out in boise, we happened upon (okay we asked siri where to get a potato...) a little fry place.

the boise fry company makes a big deal about their fries. when you go in, you pick what type of potato and the thickness of your fries. (you can get a burger on the side if you want, but i was just looking for potatoes.)

some customer favorites if you are overwhelmed...

bfc also takes their catchup seriously. there were so many different kinds and we tried them all. i wish i could remember all the types but i will tell you that blueberry catchup is exactly how you would imagine it, disgusting. 

so if you are every in idaho (haha?!) then you better go here and tell them abbey says hi. they will have no idea who you're talking about but its a nice gesture...

Posted on November 14, 2014 .