Snow day

i cracked one eye to see what was going on because i felt them putting piles of something on my feet. the occasional giggle and patting of little feet running in and out of the bedroom. "it has got to be six in the morning" i thought.

well it turns out it was six fifty so time to get up! as soon as i opened an eye, two little fat faces were hanging over the bunk beds waiting for me. "good morning" i said in my deep (haha) morning voice. they shrieked and jumped on me.

boney little knees everywhere.

after seeing stars and catching my breath, avoiding cat (the three year old) licks and rolling over, we sat talking about dreams and what they were doing to my feet. (making a pile of course!) i looked at my phone and checked the weather.

it said it was snowing.

i struggled out of the tangle of blankets and stood up by the window that's covered in a dark curtain. "do you guys want to see something awesome?" i asked them. when i got two hearty yes's i pulled back the curtain to show them the soft snow falling outside. "whats that?!" i sang.

i hope that i never forget the look on their faces. pure joy and wonder in their eyes, they both yelled, "SNOW!"

see, i was going to write a totally different blog today, maybe something deep, maybe something about the fantastic hair day i had a while back, but it almost never snows here and even though it was seriously just a dusting, and i probably shouldn't be excited about winter little nephews faces made snow just as magical to me as it was when i was five. and even though sometimes they are a pain in the butt, and they snot all over me and pull my hair out when we're playing, i am so thankful for this season of life where i get to be right here in their house watching them grow up.

i'm also thankful for a dusting of magic to bring excitement to early mornings and adulthood.

Posted on November 17, 2014 .