Travel | Idaho | Nampa

i forgot to blog today clearly. look what time it is! this is ridiculous. good this the excitement of this photo is wearing off on me now...and clearly i was really excited about idaho, so i will be excited now in telling you about it.

marly lives right outside of boise in a town called nampa. i like to say nampa like i'm from Wisconsin. it sounds really funny.

nampa is cute and cool and is in this bowl with mountains all around. its so beautiful and when you drive in the country it has a different look that open fields over here. something to do the light effect probably.

also can i tell you about the weather? constant awesome breeze blowing through, it did magical things with my hair. marly showed me her first house and then we drove around with the windows down. it was one of the most peaceful days. we stopped on the road her friends live on to snap to pictures.

for as long as i live these will be some of my favorite pictures. i can remember exactly what is felt like, what it smelled like and the feeling i had standing there. i have a few moments like that in life, maybe sometime i'll tell you about them.

Posted on November 18, 2014 .