ootd | sweater weather

let be honest. i got in a bad habit in college of wearing mens sweaters. i had a ton of ugly, over sized and bulky pullovers that i would smash under my winter coat and call it a day. i am always cold so it worked. i was cozy, i didn't complain.

then somewhere after college i realized that i am a lady and while comfy, and pretty trendy and hipster, those sweaters weren't the most flattering. so i have come to understand there is a right way to wear a mans sweater, and there most definitely is a wrong way to wear a mans sweater.

the key is fit, its okay/good to have a bit of a baggy look, but when its huge in the arms/armpits it just doesn't ever sit right. there is a way to take a sleeve in but you would need to be a pretty good seamstress for that. maybe sometime i'll show you...

the other key is having well fitting pants/something girly to go with it.

you know, its actually a key chain...quite a few keys on there... 

sweater: jcrew thrifted

jeans: thrifted

Boots: dsw (last year)

scarf: h&m

nail color: berry naughty. (shame.)

Posted on November 20, 2014 .