10 reasons i love my job | a thank you letter to a very special bride

well if that isn't the longest blog title i've ever written i don't know what is! i'm feeling spunky though and this is what you get i guess.

today, this saturday before thanksgiving, i am feeling so thankful for the job i get to do. i am sitting in my mom's comfiest chair, warm socks and a cup of tea, and i am at work. my fingers are typing away and i just started edit a really cool session. i love my job. i love being a photographer. since the day i committed this whole gift to the Lord and told him i would work hard to do it, he has always provided me work. and that work has been so special. not only do i get to catch people's memories, i get to become parts of families all over america. i have been taken in, blessed and welcomed by countless families over the years and i know that no matter where i go in this country, i have someone there to help me if i needed it.

everywhere i go i pray that God gives me opportunities to bless and talk to people on the Job. whether that is sharing Christ on a plane ride or bustling a wedding dress when bridesmaids can't figure it out. i have redone wedding hair, run to the store for lip gloss, and fixed broken zippers. and in all of that i am very aware that i bear the name of my savior. i know that God created everyone specifically and its with that in mind that i tackle a wedding, engagement, or family session. i am there to serve, and i love that about my job because that's my love language.

and so why do i tell you all that? because everyone once in a while i get a really special wedding. that wedding is going to be next fall for me. this bride might be the sweetest person i've ever been in contact with and i can tell you that she has seen God's faithfulness in such a huge way. it is for that reason i can't wait to be a part of that day! any time we get together and are able to witness God's goodness is a good time for me. its going to be such a good day.

i felt this way the minute she asked me to be her photographer! and remember how i said she might be the sweetest ever? well for the first time in my career i got a gift for booking a wedding?


and its probably the most thoughtful gift i've ever received. so with that i want to tell you ashley, that i can't wait til next fall and i will be dancing my socks off in rejoicing for you and josh. and i will probably brag about y'all for the next couple years.

God is good. all the time.

(here are ten reasons...)

1. sweet brides.

2. beautiful, glowing people to make art with.

3. families that want to adopt me.

4. good food. (but really though...)

5. dance parties with Grandmas.

6. getting to sit in my parents living room and be at work.

7. traveling duh.

8. watching when dad's give their daughters away.

9. symbolism of a wedding and what it means for the church body.

10. pretty things!!

Posted on November 22, 2014 .