Merry December...i think.

today is december 1st. its also seventy degrees outside and i am in shorts...pete is loving it, i am not sure how i feel about it.

i'm recovering from a pretty bad cold i had all week during thanksgiving. it was such a bummer to have family all (mostly) together and be with friends (and so close to friends) but not be able to hang out and do fun things. i suppose it worked out for the best though. i am so very thankful i decided to stay an extra week at my parents house because i get to recover all the way and still have a little time with friends.

i am doing a little work on wilber (my truck) this week (passing inspection and all that) and then he will be making the long drive back to nashville with me on friday. i have been driving my moms car for the past month and while i am super thankful for awesome parents who just gave me a car, i really missed driving my truck. i am just a truck lady i think. thats my redneck coming out...

photography is going well! business seems to be picking up in this off month and i think i am booked every weekend but christmas. also i have so many fun projects this month i'm just dancing with excitement. i love december, i love christmas sweaters and peppermint things, and although i don't think nashville will be getting that much snow, i am excited to see others snow pictures.

i can't believe its almost the end of the year already! i thought for sure i was going to get all my traveling done in 2014 but it turns out that already i am getting opportunities to travel for my job in the spring. i also have exciting news about traveling and new places that takes me. its going to be quite the year and it hasn't even started yet!

not to mention i'm turning 25...what.

so this month will be fun. lots of new things, lots of fun things, lots of yummy things. we'll see what God has won't we?

i'm off to buy card-stock and go to a christmas card making party for old people. merry december everyone!

(should i wear a christmas sweater...?)

Posted on December 1, 2014 .