november | monday

welcome to november friends! i love november so much, but i wish autumn would slow down a bit! there are just so many things on my list still to do. thankfully, i am getting my fill of bonfires.

i am back from eleven days in virginia and sitting here writing to you with my youngest nephew in my lap. i love to travel (as you know) but there is something about coming back here and hugging these little crazies that makes me not want to travel quite as much. (maybe.)

this month is going to be so full of things i don't really know where to start telling you about them! i have so many projects going on in my head its a tad hard to get organized. hopefully i'll be getting them all sorted out this week and showing you a couple fun new things. i promise it will be exciting!

i have so many things to blog! those few months where i wasn't around much really piled up on me and now i feel like i'll never get it all out! we'll try to get caught up this month alright?

this weekend was kind of the very best and if you don't follow my insta then i'll tell you a little about it now. saturday was half price day at goodwill and my sisters and our friend Leah all got up early and went together. thrifting is so fun but its even better when you go with friends, we dug through the racks and found things for each other, piled our carts high and ended up with great bags of stuff. i only spent twelve dollars and it was fantastic. we have planned to go every month and hit goodwills around nashville each time.

sunday was another great day because church was on point (as they say) and was one of the best messages i have heard in a while. i left so uplifted and thankful. we drove down to our friends in the country and i finished painting a bathroom in the afternoon. in the evening we went over to celebrate Audrey's birthday with a bonfire and chili. there are few things i love more then sitting around a fire outside with friends.

if only those friends didnt live so far away.

this month sometimes gets a little cliche with people being thankful. my cynical side always wants to judge and ask why people can't be thankful the rest of the months. but this year i have made and effort in the first couple days to really dwell in thankfulness and already i can tell you its making a difference. so i encourage you to practice thankfulness this month.

practice makes perfect you know.

have a happy monday friends! thanks for reading and keep an eye out for some nashville adventures in the next few weeks!

Posted on November 3, 2014 .