ootd | shut up and wear beige

i remember sitting in front of the tv as a teenager watching stacey and clinton from what not to wear. the ripped woman apart for having so many beige and oatmeal colored things. they would put it on and they would say it looked like vomit, or baby poo.

and now i'm all like, "suckas!" it came back in style.

i've always heard that beige is a color for mother in laws and no one else, but for some reason i can't get enough of that oatmeal this year! brown got an update and to me it just looks cozy! here is my take on tans.

(shout out to my awesome friend chelsea at Timber Hitch for once again shooting this for me this week! we got to shoot where chelsea works at TOOLRY and ps if you've never been in there you are missing out! its soooo cool.)

boots: dsw (last year)

jeans: thrifted

tank: target

sweater: gap outlet (also known as dream world.)

scarf: knitted by yours truly. (lady points!)

Posted on November 6, 2014 .