a few weeks ago i was up visiting my parents in fredericksburg virginia. my mom has been talking about taking me to this place downtown for quite a while but we had never been able to make it happen. so this trip we planned a day we would have lunch, i picked her up at the office and we drove downtown and i parallel parked like it was my job.

i honestly wish i could have tried everything on the menu. it all looked so good and i swung back and fourth while we waited in line. my decided on the pulled pork and i went with the chicken salad sandwich.

the neat thing about Foode is that not only is it all clean and organic, its also all local. they support small business and its cool to see other small business thriving off that.

i love fredericksburg and foode is just another thing thats great about it. (its also right next to the patiyo studio whaat!)

Posted on November 7, 2014 .