for the love of a good hair cut.

since moving out of my mom and dad's house at the beginning of college, i have saved all hair cuts til i came back for a visit. there even have been times where i cut i but i will tell you, when i do come back to the good old fredericksburg, i head right over the mama Wood's house (okay basement...) and she works magic on my head. 

magic okay?!

i freak out after a haircut from her! i keep swinging my head around yelling that i love it. this particular hair cut allows me to wear my hair totally natural and for that i'll be squealing my thanks for weeks to come.

and if you think i'm being ridiculous about this whole thing then obviously you've never had a good hair cut. (or you don't have curly hair...) or you are a boy and your hair grows out in a week.

i tell you there is nothing like it. what better way to start out a week of thanksgiving that rejoicing over a pair of fantastic hands holding scissors.

thanks mama w. you da real mvp. (can i say that? oops.)

Posted on November 24, 2014 .