November Creative Day

i might be a wee bit behind on stuff but these holidays man, they really take it out of me! either way, i am going to tell you about a little experiment we tried last month and will hopefully stick with in the months to come. we called it a creative day...because we are creative with names especially...or something.

it was so good for me to be able to plan out things to create, ways to practice creativity, and ways for everyone to be a part of something, contributing what they are creative/good at. since some of us are bloggers it was especially nice to have pictures of things to blog. we had such a good time drinking coffee and making stuff and i honestly can't wait for the one this month because its christmas and yay glitter and christmas-y stuff! here are some pictures from the November day.


Wholesome Homemaker's cheese burger soup was delicious and making its way to the blog soon.

lots of crafty things with out hands!

i kind of like all that mess everywhere. its pretty. and can we talk about Audreys first attempt at calligraphy? what the world. we ended it all up with pumpkin cookies found on pinterest (here) and made by my sister Leah. (who does not blog sorry.) 

Posted on December 11, 2014 .