i don't think there has ever been a picture that more accurately describes my family. sure we are missing a couple, (me included!) but every time i see it i laugh.

its the middle of an argument. we do that uh...on occasion...

we forced everyone to the deck behind my parents house after thanksgiving dinner this year and though we were still missing a couple of people, it was good to get a family picture.

i'm not one of those people who dislikes family gatherings. i love my family! no one knows you like your family, no one presses your buttons or (to be honest) pisses you off quite like family can. but i wouldn't trade mine for the world! all of the quirks, weirdisms and laughs. you really don't know how good i have it. my grandma and i were discussing this after dinner and i lamented the fact that not everyone has a family like ours. not everyone gets excited to see their grandparents or crazy uncles. not everyone is part of a family of good cooks and funny faces. not everyone gets to make fun of the old men grouching about politics or look through old photo albums and see pictures of their great(x4) grandmas who look like great(x4) grandfathers.

and what a shame that is because its actually quite a ball and i feel bad that they don't get that. so if thats you, feel free to join my family because we are pretty fabulous. both sides.

speaking of grand people (oh we weren't? well we are now!) my grandparents are some of the neatest people i know. full of stories and knowledge and fun facts i believe this family wouldn't be nearly as cool if they weren't the start of it all.

i said, "p! lean over and look like your like your wife!" he then smashed his shoulder into her cheek making her giggle. what a pill. i'll keep them i guess...

i love you all!

Posted on December 16, 2014 .