an update/list

can you believe christmas is almost here? i think i'm sick to death of crafting and taping to be honest. i'm just ready to sit back and enjoy these next few days. today i am planted on the couch with my laptop, a heating pad and Mennonite singing blasting through my ear buds.

abbey did you say Mennonite singing?

yes i did. aint nobody sing like the Mennonites. can i even say that?

speaking of which, the little market we go to for cream and eggs is run my Mennonites and last week when i was in picking up cream, one of the girls (April) invited us to their christmas program on sunday night. we were all so excited to go and boy did it not disappoint. some of the most beautiful singing you will ever hear i tell you what. everyone was so nice and the boys sat so still and listened and i was such a proud anuty...that is until Joe coughed and threw up on the floor. what are you gonna do.

other than that i have just been shooting and editing, trying to get family sessions out before christmas. next month i have my first wedding of the year and i am SO excited about it! its going to be so beautiful and with such beautiful people. what a day.

i am so thankful for the winter weather down here in tennessee. overcast most days but only a little cold. cold enough to wear coats but not have your face freeze off. its making me a total fan of winter.

i know christmas is not known for being a thankfulness holiday but this year i am so so thankful for things in my life and ways i have watch the Lord work this year. i am so thankful for people and new pen pals and family and friends and new friends and friends getting married and having babies. (so many babies!) i am thankful for a never ending stream of work and people who get behind me when i need encouragement. i'm thankful for a choir at church that sings so loud i get goose bumps every time they stand up. i'm thankful for songs/hymns that make me bawl like a baby in the car. i'm thankful for gift giving and the work people put in to make this days special. i'm thankful to live in a house with a piano. i'm so thankful for my savior, and though he probably wasn't born december 25th i'm thankful for him today. and every day. i'm so thankful he saw me at my worst and decided to take my place anyway. i'm thankful that his blood covers every part of me and that he calls me a friend.

i got off there didn't i? well i'm thankful you read it anyway.

here are a couple tips i have for you as you get ready for the next couple days.

  1. tweet everything your grandparents say.
  2. wrap presents in grocery store bags. trader joes for sure. that's what i've been doing and not only is it great to recycle them, but they sure do look cute.
  3. breath.
  4. dwell in Jesus. make special time for just the two of you. you would do it for any other friend. do it with him.
  5. squeeze your loved ones. not everyone gets to.
  6. listen to Mennonite singing. can't stress that enough...
  7. drink hot cocoa duh.
  8. wear all your christmas sweaters/socks/earings etc. you can't wear them for almost a year after.
  9. collect high fives.
  10. take a walk outside.
  11. write a letter to a friend.
  12. tell someone you love them.
  13. watch a documentary because education is the best gift...but really. 
  14. take a nap.
  15. take another nap.
  16. read the story of Christs birth by yourself. then read the story of his death.
  17. smile at strangers.
  18. talk to the person ringing up your purchases. see if they are having a good holiday and try to make them smile.
  19. take a picture of the oldest set of hands in your family. then hold one of them for a bit.
  20. tell a story.
  21. read a book.
  22. write a list of thankfulness.
  23. bake something.
  24. stuff kids stocking super full. you only get to be a kid once. if you don't know any kids. find someone with a kid. you have to know at least one person with a child...
  25. write personal thank you notes to everyone who gifted you something. even if they were there when you opened it and you said thank you. notes are the best in the world and its old school and classy.
Posted on December 23, 2014 .