2014 | Review

its raining today and rain always makes me feel nostalgic. so sit, get a snack, and buckle up, because this is going to take a hot minute. 

there are a couple things i want to ask my 2014 self. like, why the heck did you chop your hair off, and why does your life revolve around food. i also need to say to myself that i drink too much coffee and don't draw enough anymore. and that starting to paint your nails is the most confusing thing about you. are you girly or what? i don't understand this at all.

next i'll just talk to you guys.

2014 was so full of things. great things and not so great things. i traveled, i photographed, i ate, i moved (sort of.) and i adventured the crap out of life/america. when i sat down to put together a file of pictures to share with you from this year, i ended up bawling in starbucks and laughing hysterically at the memories and the friends i shared my adventures with. i miss you all. you beautiful people who make my life fun and entertaining and more meaningful. i loved this year and though it came with its share of heartache and misery, it sure made up for that in exploration. lets have a look!

like i do at the beginning of every year, i turned a year older. 24 to be exact. i love that my birthday is in january because thats also the start of a fresh twelve months. its a total refresh button. i also love that my age always correlates with the date. thats actually one of my favorite things about me.

there was no shortage of adventure last spring. i love blogging because sometimes it pushes you out of your comfort zone to get material. i'll never forget those saturday adventures or the people we met because of them. also making a day dedicated specifically to donuts? not a bad idea. its hard to pick a favorite adventure but certainly in the top five was the time we met the artist behind the dinosaur. i remember standing there waiting for a chance to tell him about Jesus and then he started witnessing to us. i wanted to hug him and laugh and slap high fives all at once. such a good day.

I was informed this happened in 2013 but since my file was in the wrong place we will include it in this post..."Tara would you possibly want to drive me to north Jersey for my high school best friends wedding?" she did in fact and though part of that wedding was spent sobbing on both of my parents, we danced and laughed and had a moderately great time. oh and my friend was one of the most beautiful brides. then there was that driving around, getting lost in Brooklyn in the middle of the night looking for pizza. thanks again to dad Fabling for the awesome hotel in Yonkers and the fact that i can now say i've been to Yonkers. we woke up early that next morning and ran to central park, sang together and ran back to the subway. Tara this picture of us in front of the bakery in Hoboken will forever be one of my favorite pictures. you are such a champion of adventure and having fun. you make me laugh more than any human and you know me at my weakest. my heart loves your heart. thanks for always singing with me and pushing me towards Jesus. and also running around NYC because we can.

this is one of my favorite pictures i took this year. its just unbelievable manly haha. im glad i'm friends with Ryan, and he lets me tell him what to do sometimes. that was a good day. its also next to the lake i jumped in right after a snow. you know, yolo and all that. it also reminds me that i have really cool friends that live on the west coast who dare me into jumping in freezing lakes.

we traveled to so many cities this year. Charlotte is always a favorite and its even better when you need a little spring in your life. the blooms are always great early spring. also great coffee, one of the best i had this year. we surprised one of our sweet friends for her senior art show and remembering that puts a huge smile on my face. i remember how important my show was to me, so it was so great to be there for hers.

also side note, i cant tell you how much awesome thrifting experience i had this year. charlotte was one of the best places.

i fell in love with a whole bunch of people this year. the goat experience i will tell my children about some day. some times i can't even believe that happened. like maybe i dreamed it all. in an awesome nightmare sort of way. and really, whats better than drinking milk straight out of the udder? beats me.


ask me how much i like my little brother A WHOLE LOT THATS HOW MUCH. this picture was taken on the way back from west virginia where i bought the camper top for my truck. thats a memory all by itself but i can't tell you about it because there was a lot of cussing. not by us, but the neat dude we bought my cap from. still makes me laugh.

picnics with friends and more ice cream than i care to admit.

a couple more adventures here and there. one involved marker all over someones (hint, not mine) belly. the other i was with my friend the very first time she tried coffee. special moments i tell you what.

countless taco tuesdays. thank you Jarrett for being my main source or excuse for this. always a pleasure. also the last time we did this was right after the block fell on your head. i have a picture of you with your band-aid. these times were so special. and so delicious.  

two of my very best days this year where graduation day and the day miss Kara entered the world. i got to watch sweet friends cross the stage and take their diplomas. i don't know many moments like that in life. four years of work (sometimes 5 cough cough) pays off in such a special way. parents and friends cheering and you wearing that dorky robe. this picture is another one of my favorites because of the people it captures. no better friends i am sure. truly special. maybe not quite as special as a new life though. i woke up to a text message from Jon saying they were in the hospital in labor. i did that laughing/sobbing thing i do sometimes and drove over to the labor/delivery, rode the elevator and smiled at my sweet friend before she had Kara. we waited around that whole day and finally meeting that little girl was the highlight of the nine months she was growing in her mama's belly. she is still the prettiest baby i have ever seen and every time i see a picture i think she's gotten prettier. and while we are on the topic here, let me tell you that Jon and Nina have been such good friends to me. everyone needs some married friends! they put life in perspective and keep you grounded by telling you when your feet look big or one arm looks smaller than the other. i wouldn't trade them for the world.

one last Lynchburg adventure and one big turkey sandwich. i couldn't complain.

and that was it. i finished packing my boxes. i said goodbye to my favorite place on earth and i said hello to my new home. Nashville tennessee. i still can't really tell you exactly why i left. i just felt the Lord tell me it was time to go and start the next adventure. single as a pringle and loving this new found freedom. i'm so happy with my life i cant even tell you. having this last half of the year be about my relationship with Christ and learning to depend fully on him has been so good for me. i guess thats why he wanted me to go. So i could have this time to grow into more of the person i should be. and learning to listen to no one but Him. its been so sweet.

i became friends with three dirty little hooligans who bring joy to me every day and one day will hold many things over their heads. just kidding. but these boys. i love them, forever and always. they are ridiculous and wonderful and little bit twit. i am so proud to be their aunty.

i made a couple trips to my parents house this summer. in between shooting weddings and travels. spent some quality time with Pete and my ukulele. oh and remember how tan i was?! shoot.

Texas was an adventure full of life changing tacos, donuts and sweet old friends from college. i still crave those tacos. i really do. and i really can't wait to go back. Texas is so pretty in such a weird way. i loved looking out the window while we drove around. i also visited a prison and shot a beautiful wedding while i was there. and met one of the sweetest Nana's in the world.

then there was a trip to Annapolis to visit my kimber. silly talks and good food and petting the nicest cat who has since gone on to cat glory. notice i have pictures of my friends waving in front of their state capitals? i think its so great!

we also made a short trip to the shore this summer. while it was technically a work trip, i'll take more of those where i get to lay on the beach for a couple hours and round it off at the worlds best bakery.

then, in between two weddings there was the seattle/idaho trip. to say i want to go back is a bit of an understatement. there is so much west coast in me. so, so much. this pictures are still some of my favorites and i look at them often. sailboats and desserts and the most perfect weather. i will never not want to be there.

i'm just going to leave this here and say nothing about it. hehe.

more trips to virginia. i've met some pretty neat animals this year.

camping with the hooligans for the first time. priceless. little boys are the greatest. i can't wait til spring and the adventures we will have again.

praise the Lord for family. a never ending source of laughter, the push i need, the confidence that comes from people backing you like mine do. you guys are ridiculous and i love you.

also praise the Lord for a brother in law and sister who let me stay with them while i get my life together. thanks for being hilarious and calling me a heathen. you guys are ok i guess.

i made new friends! (whoa simon you made the blog!) this kid is funny and who knew you could meet nice people through the internet?! Simon thanks for being a pal and not killing me the first time we worked together. you have good taste in coffee and glasses. yay second to last kids and bonding over donuts. you're a gem and you made me believe in my friend making ability still.

as you have probably noticed, i haven't actually spent that much time in Nashville this year. thats something i am excited to do in 2015. explore my city. i know there are so many faces that didn't make this post, its already so unbelievably long.

my prayer at the beginning of this year was the through my job and my travels God would give me opportunities to share the gospel. i'm not big on talking about those times but if i were to pick a highlight from this year it would be those flights, those times sitting in the airport. those gas station encounters, those were the moments that i'll remember from this year. no pictures, nothing to remember them by but the faces in my brain. i pray that this next year is full of faces like that. of moments like that.

i can't help but feel blessed by this year. it has taught me to trust the Lord when things don't look good. to be bold, to be adventurous. to plan and be spontaneous. there were bad times yes, but as always, the good outweighs it be far. i had amazing weddings. amazing families and couples. i worked with hilarious people and can think of a couple times that still make me laugh out loud. i heard songs that wrecked me and read truth that pushed me.

if you were part of me year i am so thankful. after writing all this out i am exhausted but boy do i feel an overwhelming community. 2014 you were one heck of an experience.

i'm raising my coffee cup to 2015. i'm ready. are you?

Posted on December 31, 2014 .