The Boys First Camp-out

i am having a hard time putting into words the excitement we all had getting ready for this a few weeks ago. in case you didnt know, i have three nephews and currently i live with them. they are crazy little hooligans and it has been so much fun being around them and watching them grow. i am a huge fan of camping and have been bugging my sister to go so when the idea was brought up for a one night camp out, i was all in.

this was the first time the nephs had ever been camping. we tried to talk it up the few days before hand, like it was going to be the best thing they'd ever experienced. Jon kept asking if we were going to sleep in the tent the whole night and Joe really didn't seem like he cared. however i will tell you that the day of the trip both little boys were so excited they were trying to get in the van long before we had to leave!

both boys helped set up the tents, carried stuff from the van and generally just had a fantastic time running free in the trees and exploring the campground. i honestly thought they would be cool til it was time for bed and then we'd have a melt down, but when david told them it was time to go to sleep, both of them walked over to the tent, crawled into their little blanket nests and didn't make a peep til morning.

i will tell you that it was pretty cold that night and the baby kept rolling around and shoving my sister out of the we might have to talk mom into camping again.

Jon actually took a couple of those black and whites! he is quite the budding photographer and seeing him with my giant camera cracks me up! sadly this was the last warm weekend for a while so our camping adventures will have to resume in the spring time.

we can't wait.

Posted on December 3, 2014 .