Summer Land | New Project

^^this picture looks summery and adventurey right?
here it is. this summer is going to be the craziest and most fun summer i think i will ever have. (maybe.) its jam packed with weddings, travel, moving, adventuring and exploring. i won't tell you everything because that would just spoil all the fun! but i wanted to do a project that reflects the adventure that this summer will be.

and also i needed help because i'm going to be so. stinking. busy.

so here is the deal. starting the first tuesday in june (tomorrow...) i'm starting a project called summer land. for thirteen weeks i'll be hosting thirteen different photographers/friends as they show you a little about their homeland. since this summer will be full of travel i thought it would be the perfect way to travel america (and a few places around the world) without even leaving our rooms! i couldn't be more excited see these places through the eyes of the people who call it home! i think it will be a wonderful adventure and i hope you ride along with me!

keep your eyes peeled as they say.
Posted on June 11, 2014 .