a grand adventure

there really is nothing like graduating. one of the best days of my life was the day i graduated college. it’s a bit of a story to explain but ill just say it was a day i learned a lot about myself. and a lot of praying came to fruition.


i love graduations. i feel like they are some of the most important things to attend. someone can never feel too supported. and i think a lot of the time the graduates life kicks in right after and everything is so overwhelming, its good to have a lot of people to cheer you on.


i got to watch a bunch of really great people graduate this may. i got to sit with their families and yell my lungs out when they got their diplomas. i got give them huge hugs and jump around in excitement for them. it was a beautiful day and even though we got trapped on a bus and it took us all afternoon to find something for lunch, i would do it all over in a heartbeat. i love my people and i loved spending four(or five) years with them. what a beautiful moment.