Coffee and Community

i suppose that today i am missing my community. or maybe its because i'm sitting in a coffee shop alone and when i did this before i would end up seeing at least three people i knew. people are so important for growth. this is coming from a (somewhat) introvert. i have found nothing in this world like the friendships of that past seven years of my life. virginia was so good for me, and even though i fought it tooth and nail, it ended up being the right place for me each time i moved. i think thats why i am not fighting this one either. i do miss my people. i do miss my community. but i know without a doubt that God has purpose behind everything he sends my way. i look forward to looking back at this time and seeing what he was doing.

speaking of community (and coffee) i was able to have a coffee date with my friend Joy last time i was in fredericksburg. i took her to blackstone coffee. (thank you mel for the tip!) and we enjoyed frozen treats. for one of the first times ever i didn't get a mocha! i had the turtle and Joy had the mocha. both were super delicious but neither of us finished ours. (too much!) the best part of the whole time was the conversation. oh how good it is to be around like minded people. we laughed and told stories, talked about our struggles and i walked away refreshed. and isn't that how a friendship should be? refreshing?

i love you Joy, thank you for sticking with me all these years. you are a gem. also i'm still holding out for you to move to nashville. okay? okay.