Last Lynchburg Adventure Day

i went on some pretty spectacular adventures this past year. i always think nothing will top them, and then we head out on the next one and it ends up even better. there is nothing like fully living in the moment, especially when that moment is really awesome.

right before all my college friends headed back to their states (and countries!) for the summer, we had one last Lynchburg adventure day. Lynchburg is such a great place for so many reasons, but one great one is that no matter how long you've lived there, there is pretty much always something you've never done before.

like have you seen the first house to get indoor plumbing there?

i didn't think so.

so we met for breakfast and headed out to see the sights we had never seen before. i love the way these images turned out. they remind me of an old family road trip, where mom has the camera and she keeps snapping pictures left and right. not to mention a killer film coloring thanks to the old vsco! we ended with an amazing sandwich from the yellow submarine. here is a tip. never ever order the big sandwich. you could die from eating it.

i miss you guys. how about you all come here now and we can hang out. whats that, you're millions of miles away? oh. well then i'll just adventure with pictures of you.


that was a fun day.

Posted on July 3, 2014 .