Life with Boys

my life right now is a mess. i live out of a suitcase. i am traveling the country this summer. my home when i am not traveling is my sisters house where i share a room with these two dirty hooligans. i crawl into bed each night and dig a toy out from under me. i brush off the dirt and sand from my sheets. i listen to the soft snore or two little cave men who are conked out from playing. i wake up each morning to Joe (age three) climbing silently under my covers with me and if i make the slightest movement he starts meowing like a cat till a wake up and say, "good morning baby cat!"  and this morning he gave me Eskimo kisses. which was actually with his whole face because he has a very small nose.

sometimes the baby cries and night. and a lot of times Joe has a fit about something silly. but it really is a fun time watching them grow and learn new things. Jonathan tells me all kinds of stories while we drive anywhere and all at the same time i can't wait till they are older and i also want them to never grow up.

its a good home for a while. thanks showing such hospitality guys.

Posted on July 21, 2014 .