On Traveling

sometimes i have these moments when i'm traveling. normally at the end of a trip when i'm on my way home. it usually involves some kind of piano music coming through the ear buds in my ears.

i'm sitting here, with a direct view of the long hallway of the airport and its almost like i fall asleep for a minute because i'm so lost in thought.

travel is such a fascinating thing. so many people are packed into these airports. everyone has a different place they are going to. everyone has a different life and a different back story. but at the same time we all have so much on common.

sometimes people are really rude on planes and they fill up the overhead space with their bags that aren't carry on size. sometimes they don't know that you are supposed to let the people in the seats in front of you out first. in the hurry to be first they forget everyone is in a hurry.

but sometimes you meet really nice old people who dress up to fly. or a girl with huge hair that is going to take care of her grandma. or a man who is taking his ninety year old mother on her first trip to see great grandchildren.

and sometimes strangers help you with your bags, or two men lift and old lady's bag up so she can just get off her feet.

and after all the pushing and running and business men on their phones, i am glad to see things like that. it makes me okay with americans. we really do look out for each other.

and thats wonderful.



Posted on July 7, 2014 .