Summer Land | Long Island | Brenda Franco

Hi friends! I’m Brenda from Brenda Franco Creative and this right here is my first guest blog post so, naturally, I’m pretty pumped that Abbey asked me to share about the greatest island on earth – especially during the summer months.

Long Island, New York is a treasure. It’s about a 3 hour drive from the east end to the west and about a 40 minute drive from the north shore to the south shore. To the west is New York City, to the east are the famous Hamptons as well as vineyards, farms, and beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away.
One of the most renowned cities in the world – New York City


Classic pictures that I’m sure you’ve seen before, but for me, they take my breath away. I can’t spend a summer home and not go here. It is so full of life! Whether it’s Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or any other place – New York does not lack in character (or pizza, my favorite, and another reason why you should visit this place).

Now to my favorite part of : the water, beach, and ports and port towns of Long Island.

(Port Jefferson)

Montauk – “The End” of Long Island

Long Island Sound – North Shore

And there you have it. Just a little snippet of what a summer on Long Island looks like. Of course, this treasure of an island is made complete by good company and great food (have I mentioned pizza?). It’s hard not to fall in love with this place and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to share a bit of it with you! Thank you so much Abbey!


(abbey now!)

thank you so much Brenda for this visit to new york! i love the pictures and do indeed want to visit! i can not say enough about how great Brenda is! i hardly know her at all in real life but her encouragement and love is hard to compare to. she is a real, genuine soul and if you have any chance to get to know her, i highly recommend it! she is doing a project this summer called The Island Project and you can check it out here! its a really great photography blog and you really get a great feel for Long Island.