Life | In Review

its been far too long since i gave you all an update on life. it can't really be a week in review because its been about a month. i miss blogging. i miss the community. but with a lack of internet and time, it really just hasn't been possible. but know this, i do miss you.

as you know i made the transition (sort of) to nashville this month. most of my stuff is still in old virginia because i am living with my sister and family until sometime this fall when my other sister comes down and we find a house to live in for real.

i remember sitting on the couch in my living room in Lynchburg talking to my friend Chelsea. i was telling her that i felt like these next few months were going to hold a lot of crappy times but that the Lord was going to use it to grow me and my relationship with him.

i really had no idea.

living with my sister is great and i love getting to know my nephews better, but the life outside and all around me is just a swirling cloud of confusing all the sudden. don't get me wrong i'm not sitting around weeping all over the place. its just that everything i thought was in the plan, might not be the plan after all. isn't God funny like that.

he is asking if i will still trust him. no matter what he takes or gives.

you know i'm not perfect so believe me, its been a struggle. i just never thought i would be in this very spot. it actually never crossed my mind. and all there is to do is wait and see what happens.

in other news, i have made a couple wedding contacts! actually a few at church today which i thought was funny how it just came up.

i have tried a few of nashvilles coffee shops and i'm sorry to say, lynchburg your coffee is pretty terrible. but keep trying! i will always love you...

i have met a lot of people. some really cool and some really weird, but still cool. it really does feel like a small town, even though its flipping huge.

speaking of nothing, my sister lives way out in the country and the grocery store that is closest is this tiny little hole in the wall place. i stopped in for eggs yesterday and while waiting in line i was drooled over by the bag boy. i wanted to grab his ear and tell him i could be his baby sitter...but i didn't, i just kept making awkward eye contact while i waited to pay. and no i do not need a bag for my eggs...

i can't say that i've learned any grand lessons yet. i think the lesson i'm in is going to take a while to get out of. but i do like it here. Tennessee is beautiful. every time i take a drive i find something lovely. i can't wait to see it in the fall.

and i suppose thats all for now. this weeks summer land post is probably going to be late, i am working on a house for my uncle the next few days and that is going to keep me away from the computer. but until then, you all are beautiful people! be encouraged today! go give a couple high fives!


Posted on July 13, 2014 .