Ocean Feeling

this morning i woke up and felt really good. i had the perfect amount of sleep. i was able to get a cup of coffee and sit on the front steps because the weather was beautiful and cool.

i'll be the first to tell you that this week was not the greatest for me. i struggled with direction and purpose and really just what the heck am i doing? but as i was able to reflect on it this morning, i saw as always, God worked in it a little each day to get me to the point where i can see the big picture again.

i feel like its a little like being out in the ocean where the waves are coming in. there are times when i'm in a dip and there is a wave on either side and i can't see the shore and i can't see further out. but God always brings me of the next side of the wave where i am high up and can see again. and those are moments like this morning. its so refreshing and good to be on top of that wave. it carries with me when i dip down again. always that small promise of the next wave.

he is good and faithful.

Posted on July 18, 2014 .