Thankfulness Thursday

thankfulness thursday is something my friend chelsea does every week. i love reading her's and often write my thankfulness(es) down in my brain book. this week i thought i would share a few of them since i'm feeling extra thankful and it all pretty much has to do with family.

I am so very thankful...

  1. for getting to spend some quality time at my parents house.
  2. being refreshed.
  3. good solid preaching. (for refreshing!)
  4. being able to hang out in my brothers room and help him study. (or sit and annoy. depends on who you ask...)
  5. laughing with my sisters.
  6. spending time on moms bed talking.
  7. spending time getting flung off moms bed by my hulk brother.
  8. getting to play with my dog.
  9. singing with my brother.
  10. a family that loves the Lord together.
  11. good friends who are always up for visits.
  12. getting to travel as much as i do.
  13. crossing things off my eat list.
  14. meeting neat people who live out the love of Christ.
  15. weddings. wedding quests, old ladies at weddings, wedding cake, etc.
  16. for people who pray for me.
  17. a savior who forgives me even before i'm an idiot.
  18. crab cakes.
  19. wawa coffee.
  20. did i say my brother? okay then.

i am thankful for a lot more than that but i thought twenty was a good even number. today i am traveling down to south carolina to shoot another wedding and i am thankful for the adventures i get to have.

i have a good life.

Posted on July 24, 2014 .