Summer Land | Spruce Pine, North Carolina | Noah Edwards

Hey yall! My name is Noah and I am excited to share a little bit with you all about the place where I grew up. I currently call Lynchburg, VA my home, but I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina in a small town called Spruce Pine. Chances are many of you have never heard of, or been to Spruce Pine unless you got lost on your way to Asheville or Boone. Spruce Pine only has a total of 2,030 residents.

Spruce Pine is located in Mitchell County, and our neighbor to the North is Avery County. Together this area is affectionately known as the “Christmas Tree Capitol of the World”. Christmas trees are grown year round and shipped out by the thousands each fall to bring Christmas cheer to homes around the country.

Our little corner of the world offers some of the best hiking and exploring on the east coast. The Appalachian trail is just a few miles west of town. The Blue Ridge Parkway also runs alongside of our town and makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon drive. These mountains look best in the fall when the Blue Ridge explodes in warm colors.

Spruce Pine is also known as the Mineral City. This is mainly due to the mining industry that exists there. From the 1800’s to the early 1990’s Crabtree Emerald Mine in Spruce Pine was one of only two significant sources of Emeralds for the entire country. At one point the Crabtree Mine was the exclusive supplier of Emeralds to Tiffany & Co.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick little tour of Spruce Pine, North Carolina.  Thanks Abbey for letting me crash on your blog this week!

(abbey now!)

thanks again Noah for being a part of this project! i loved the view of North Carolina! it truly is one of the prettiest places! if you want to read more from Noah you can check out his blog here!