Working hard or hardly working?

the answer to that question is working hard.

or at least i'm trying!

i am currently living it up in Virgina at my parents house. and by living it up i mean editing weddings and going to wawa in my pajamas to get coffee each morning. thats my idea of the dream right there. i have so many things to share on this blog and during these next few weeks i hope to blog more regularly! this summer is almost over and while i am sad to see what little tan i have leave, i am so beyond excited for fall. its going to be such a good season, i can feel it.

while i am in full editing mode, i get pretty bad head aches. i think its just from staring at a computer screen, (also possibly because i never wear my glasses...) and so i have to take short breaks here and there. lucky for me (since i left mine in tennessee) my little brother has a ukulele that i walk around the house playing. pete (the dog) always comes and sleeps next to me while i'm playing and singing, and i like to think its because he thinks i have a nice voice. that or my singing is so boring he knows he will get a great nap. what a pal that guy. 

i hope these last few weeks of summer are treating you well, i have so many friends going back to school or starting new jobs. what a fun season in life. well i guess its only fun when you make it fun.

but happy almost fall nonetheless.

Posted on August 13, 2014 .