Blogs i will never write.

thank you for live tweeting that basketball game-said no one ever.

stop tweeting in church fool.

is everyone this odd inside? and other things i think frequently.

"oh you're into video games?" *walks away...

you are neither a farmer, nor a painter. take off those overalls.

why i hate pinterest.

why i love pinterest.

"oh how old am i? who are you trying to set me up with? "

i kissed courtship goodbye.

hypothetically, if i lived out of my truck for a year...

my spirit animal is a unicorn.

humor, my compensation for my nose.

top five creepiest wedding guests of all time.

as a dyslexia, i will never spell a black persons name right.

being a lady is the pits.

there are pretty much thousands of posts i will never write. i'm pretty non confrontational so this is as far as i'll get with these. although i have to say, they might make it into the book.

or maybe not.

Posted on August 27, 2014 .