Norfolk | A Grand Old Adventure

once upon a time i traveled to Norfolk a long time ago.

i actually completely forgot that i never posted about this! its been months and many life events since this weekend, but it was a fantastic weekend to remember. i spent some of my childhood in Suffolk Virginia which is right next to Norfolk! i love it down there, the base is huge so the military presence is everywhere. Norfolk has a great downtown with tons of fun things to do, not to mention they are so close to the beach, so thats wonderful. i spent a lot of the summer there when i was a junior in college because i was second shooting for my wonderful friend Chelsea. i miss those days. we had so much fun shooting weddings and eating potato salad from the Cure. being able to visit was pure happiness and i wish i could go back in the fall when its extra lovely.

one of the best parts of Norfolk (for me at least!) is the docks. i love sailboats. i will always dream of owning a sailboat and so for me to walk around and smell the salt water, and watch the boats bobbing up and down, is a pretty magical experience.

another fun fact about norfolk is there are mermaids everywhere! after stopping to take a picture with one we headed over to get some of that potato salad i've been craving for years. (yes i said years. its seriously the best ever.)

while we were in town Lauren brought us to Handsome Biscuit for brunch one morning. its a tiny little place in (honestly here) what feels like the ghetto. i will pretty much put money down that there will be a Handsome Biscuit in heaven. i could talk about it all day. it was that good. and i ate the whole thing.

that day also involved a trip to wawa and thrifting and a giant i mean winning all the way.

and of course we did get to spend a little time at the beach! i love the ocean. forever and ever.

while i enjoyed the socks off every single thing we did that weekend, the highlight of it all was hanging out with our friend Lauren. Lauren was huge for me in college. she broke down walls and was someone i could cry to and laugh my head off with. i will forever treasure that friendship and i am so thankful the Lord placed her in my life. i wouldn't be where i am today without her.

she also let us sleep in her home so that was neat as well. i love you lauren, thanks for all the fun and especially for the biscuits.

Posted on August 17, 2014 .