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i am fairly sure i have never used my blog to express an opinion before but today i feel like my opinion is worth reading so i'm going to share it with you.

i am greatly saddened by the amount of facebook statuses, tweets and complaints that are blowing up my news feeds about the college freshmen this year. i still have a ton of friends in college and every time a school year begins we seem to forget a very important truth.

we were all freshmen once.

now maybe this is because i'm not there and going through this great ordeal with you all, or maybe its because i remember being a freshmen all to well, but i feel as though instead of complaining about them, we might (just maybe) want to show them the ropes.

when my parents dropped me off at college i cried the whole first day. i was terrified of failure, i was rooming at and old crappy hotel, i didn't understand buses, heck, i didn't even understand the meal plan. i couldn't find anything and everyone already seemed like they had all the friends they needed.

it was terrifying. but i figured it out. i made some friends, i got on a few wrong buses, and a really nice prayer leader explained the meal plan. but it didn't happen in the first two days. i wandered around for at least a few weeks like a zombie because i had been handed more freedom and responsibility than i knew what to do with.

so here is all i am asking of you friends, when you want to complain about something "terrible" the freshmen are doing, just picture me all freaked out in a bathroom stall. (this is a sad picture!) and i pray that if you would want someone to come and help little scared 18 year old abbey, that you would be that person to someone else. and instead of getting mad at them for unwritten rules they don't even know yet, kindly tell them to move to the back of the bus when they get on.

it will make everyone's lives better and more sunshine-y.

"to treat an imperfect brother impatiently is to advertise our own imperfections." -A.W. Tozer

Posted on August 18, 2014 .