Jane Marczweski | Portraits

i wanted to title this post, Jane Marczweski | The Legend. because at some point in this life time, i am sure she will be. i have never met a soul with more spunk and spirit in it. Jane is truly one of kind and working with her is a total dream because not only is she beautiful, but she never stops moving!

when we were talking about her branding and what the photos should look like i got so excited because it sounded like we were getting the same picture in our heads! that is a hard thing for artists because we are all so visual and see pictures. so to line up as well as we did was so great.

we shot these photos for Jane's new website which, if you haven't taken a look yet, is amazing. you can see it here. Jane's friend (and now my friend!) Charles designed it. his work is so good and i was so impressed with how he could take thoughts and turn them into real things! but on the computer! (something i have never been good at!) i also had so much fun working with Charles. there is something about working with people who have no walls up with personality. you can be 100% yourself and everyone is okay with that. i liked it. he thinks i'm a weirdo.

so yes, to sum it all up, this whole project was just a dream! i mean we had a creative meeting on a roof. what else can i say.

if you've never heard Jane sing this is one of my favorite videos! go have a listen when you get the chance! she is really neat!

Posted on September 21, 2014 .