i have seen these around and wanted to write one but never had time! here is my first go! happy thursday everyone!

Observing / my feet over my computer? thats not really that cool...

Eating / toast. i actually just finished it but it was delicious.

Drinking / a very large cup of coffee. thank you Leah for grinding it for me, no more yucky Folgers yay!

Practicing / a new song on the uke! eh eh?? *eye brow dance.

Buying / a tenor ukulele. (well i actually bought it yesterday but thats the last thing i bought so it counts yea?)

Mastering / keeping my suitcase from exploding every day.

Learning / that life is all about the attitude.

Trying / to plan the next months shoots.

Playing / the ukulele and singing to pete.

Finishing / that new song i mentioned!

Reading / i actually just finished Is everyone Hanging out without me? By mindy kaling. if you are looking for a ridiculously funny book with no point. thats your next read for sure. i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Remembering / to use my time wisely.

Wearing / running shorts and a tshirt from washington.

Cooking / the last thing i cooked was fish and rice. go figure.

Working / on Hope and Brandons wedding. (and i am almost finished with it!!)

Traveling / to New Jersey next! Family session at the end of the month! woohoo!

Wanting / to go swimming.

thanks for indulging me with that silly thing. keep an eye out this week for a post about carlos and Heathers wedding! one of my favorites this year for sure! remember to be thankful today! i am thankful that the Lord always provides for me, even with silly little things. he is so good.

Posted on August 21, 2014 .