please excuse my crappy attempt at catching the stars!

there are some nights that are just going to make it into the books. i'm not totally clear on what these books are or who has them, but the other night is making it into the books for sure.

a few nights ago some friends and i decided to go lay out in a field and gaze at stars for a few hours. it turned into a giggle fest with all of us laying in a circle, our heads together. we found constellations and saw countless shooting stars.

we pretended to walk on the sky with our feet in the air and we quoted the target lady skit til i couldn't breathe from laughing.

our feet got wet and our legs itched from the hay. we snuggled together to stay warmer and screamed when the shooting stars popped up.

we sat silently in wonder and the beautiful lights that God holds in his hands as dust.

everything felt perfect. everything was right in those few hours. i feel so blessed by the relationships i get to have. i feel so very taken care of and its nights like that remind me why God gave of fellowship with other believers.

edification comes in many forms, and they are all beautiful.

hooray for friendship!

Posted on September 5, 2014 .